• UKHealthcare Nursing Care Technician positions

    UKHealthcare has many Nursing Care Technician positions open on various floors and units including medical – surgical, ICU, pediatrics, ED and more. The base pay for Nursing Care Technicians is $16.20/hour and we offer a generous employee benefits package including tuition options for UK classes, 2:1 retirement match, health, dental and vision insurance and more. When you search through the Nursing Care Tech jobs it will be helpful to filter your search using the key words of areas you may be interested in applying for such as ED, Trauma, Medical/Surgical, ICU, etc…

    Once the posting close date passes, the Nurse Manager and Nurse Recruiter will review the applications. If they are chosen from the applicant pool, they will be contacted to set up an interview.

    Email: sue.strup@uky.edu or Jennifer.barnes@uky.edu or call (859) 323-5851 with any questions!

    Click on the link to apply: https://ukjobs.uky.edu

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