Important Announcement:

Health Education Center has closed and we are no longer registering students. Last clinicals announced ahead of our closing have now been completed 10.8.2023. No further clinicals will be provided. Reminder that our courses were nonrefundable once registration was completed. Please email any correspondence going forward to and

Facility Partnerships

Health Education Center, LLC seeks to offer quality State Registered Nurse Aide (SRNA) training at an affordable price. Through our unique educational model, we have developed a program that reduces the overhead cost of offering a SRNA course making the overall price affordable for your healthcare institution.

As healthcare professionals, we understand the need for SRNAs in the workforce. We also understand that healthcare facilities are being pushed to offer SRNA education in order to fulfill their staffing needs which takes a tremendous amount of manpower and resources that many facilities do not have.

This is why we developed our Facility Partnership Program. Health Education Center, LLC offers a partnership to serve your organization to let us do the work!

HEC Operated Agreement: $500 Per Student

Let us handle everything!

HEC requires the facility to provide us with the following information, that is obtained at hire:

  • Criminal background check, KY Nurse Aide Abuse Registry check, Kentucky Adult Misconduct Registry check and a TWO STEP TB Test.

This information, along with our registration paperwork, will be submitted to our office staff, who will register students, and help them navigate the course every step of the way.

Please note: Your facility will be responsible for providing each student access to the required textbook (Mosby’s Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants – 8th Edition).

From this point forward, HEC will do all the work!

We will provide the 59 lecture hours and also provide the 16 hours of clinical instruction by a MOI instructor.

The facility will not be responsible for maintaining any of the required paperwork and will be notified once the student has completed the course. Upon completion of Clinical hours, the facility will then collaborate with HEC to schedule the students for their state exam.

We value your partnership and strive to see that all students you enroll into the program succeed. If this partnership is the best option for your facility, follow the link below for a copy of the contract to begin this journey.

Please do not hesitate to call our office to assist you in the process. We are happy to help, and thank you for your partnership.

HEC Operated Agreement PDF