Anyone who is interested in doing their nursing aide training and clinical should sign up with Health Education Center immediately! The convenience of doing everything online and working at your own pace is perfect for anyone with a busy schedule. All you have to do is sign up, review the content and participate in two days of clinical experience! Everyone in this facility is extremely kind and responds extremely fast and with care. – Brady, Katelynn D (Jefferson Student)

“We have been working with them here at Magnolia Village since February 2015. The students have been very successful at learning, understanding, and performing the skills by watching the videos. Any time I’ve had question or concerns, all I had to do was give them a call and I was helped right away.
Judy Bowman, the Office Manager is very knowledgeable, helpful, and kind. I think Genesis HealthCare made a wise decision to take advantage of their services!” – Karen Wells, Instructor

“Health Education Center is very friendly and easy to reach. They are always willing to help you with any question you have.”  ~ Tracy Cotton, LPN Oakmont Manor

“HEC has presented information that will be very resourceful in starting a CNA program in our facility. Judy and Matt are truly great instructors.”  ~ Thanks, Christa Barnett, RN Hillside Center

“HEC, a path to learn along the way to become a great CNA.”  ~ Instructor with HEC

“It is my privilege to work with HEC and to change people’s lives. Thank you!”  ~ Amanda Stump, LPN Letcher Manor

“The experience of networking with other Instructors has helped me tremendously. The anxiety level is now a zero! Learn from the best and know you can help others feel valued and specialize as health care associates!”   ~ Karan Johnson, RN Signature Glasgow Health and Rehab

“What a joy to share new skills, ideas and concerns with HEC Instructors and staff!”  ~ Carol Young, RN, MSM Signature South Louisville

“HEC is an awesome resource! Always there to help. Very knowledgeable.”   ~ Stacie Burton, LPN Oakmont Manor

“HEC Online has helped our facility maintain well prepared Nursing Assistants for years now. Our facility is so thankful for HEC simplifying the process if making a CNA a career.”  ~ Teresa Stout, RN Middlesboro Nursing and Rehab

“Thanks for all the opportunities this has given me. The pride HEC has given me to educate CNAs has been great.”  ~ Instructor with HEC

“Health Education Center is a wonderful way for students to get the education they need for Nurse Aide Training at their own pace and to meet their needs.”  ~ Chasity Stoudemire, LPN  HEC Clinical Instructor

“Health Education Center has made an incredible program for our working facility. I have other job duties other than Instructor so the program has been a great help.”  ~ Donna Cawood, LPN  The Heritage in Cobin

As we end our clinical’s for the SRNA training here at Providence, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for a wonderful learning experience at HEC. I thoroughly enjoyed the online, self paced training and got to review the videos and ebooks several times which made my transition to field work that much easier. Additionally the quality of the field instructor/supervisor Ms. Linda was exceptional. She not only thoroughly reviewed the nuances of the standardized training materials, but also took the time to customize each students individual clinical needs to parallel their field training experience. I was especially pleased by her approachability, ability to multitask while coordinating/managing so many different expectations with such professionalism and ease. Lastly I would like to thank you for your kindness, generosity, advocacy and promptness in coordinating this training opportunity at HEC. Have a wonderful day and a great week ahead.

Gayatri Singh, DBH, LCSW, CCM, LCAC
Doctoral Psychotherapist – Access Behavioral Health
3801 Springhurst Blvd.,
Louisville, KY – 40241